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Chosen: Book III of the Full Wolf Moon Trilogy

Book III of the Full Wolf Moon Trilogy ends this award-winning supernatural saga with a rousing crescendo.

Alone, drugged and disoriented, a re-bitten David Alma Curar wakens to find he is at the mercy of Niyol, a self-styled Navajo sorcerer known as a skinwalker. Yearning to bend a wave of fresh horror to his purpose, Niyol holds David captive and nurtures the Great Beast toward its Emergence.

As David struggles with the skinwalker and a Great Beast rising to dominance, Max, Doris and what remains of their band of hunters frantically search for their friend and mentor, racing against time and First Night. But, believing that David fled from them of his own accord, will they miss vital clues that could lead them in the right direction before a renewed cycle of slaughter begins?