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Full Wolf Moon: Book I of the Full Wolf Moon Trilogy

A thought-provoking thriller in werewolf's clothing! The high-concept terror of “A Quiet Place” and the chilling racial relevance in “Get Out” intertwine with the barbed wire barriers of “Full Wolf Moon, Book I of the Full Wolf Moon Trilogy.”

While the terror of the nation is focused outward after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, scant attention is paid to the horrors inside Tulenar Internment Camp, where an ancient evil feeds on the Japanese nationals and their American-born children trapped there. Only David Alma Curar knows the truth and has tracked the werewolf’s trail of slaughter from the Navajo Nation to Tulenar.

Making allies of Center Administrator Doris Tebbe and Army Captain Maxwell Pierce would make the hunt easier. But Alma Curar harbors secrets. He’s not hunting to kill. He has reasons of his own to keep the beast’s human host alive.

“Her FULL WOLF MOON TRILOGY is an otherworldly saga...exciting trilogy...”

--Tampa Bay Magazine

A-Rated on Crazed Fanboy: “Even without the werewolf, this book is intriguing...”