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Short Fiction Collection: Strange 8

Eight curious concepts in speculative fiction are bundled in a compilation that defies the norm. Showcasing K.L. Nappier's virtuosity and range, Strange 8 is a rich infusion of sci-fi, fantasy, and dark fiction: inspiring, haunting, uplifting, disturbing, funny and, as usual with best-selling author K.L. Nappier, thought-provoking.


"The book lives up to its name and then some. It is a wonderful way to spend a couple afternoons, and is of such quality that it can be read many times over." ~ GoodBadBizarre Reviews


"Many of the stories had twist endings. Some of them actually caught me completely by surprise. There is nothing quite as great as a truly surprising and darkly twisted short story. This book fits that mold perfectly." ~ GoodReads Review